Russian Tanker

I am currently in the process of building a 1/16 scale Russian tank byTrumpeter and I thought that it would be nice to make some tank crew members to go with it. Therefore I fired up my 3d modeling software and designed a tank soldier to print in the same 1/16 scale as my tank.

Apart from some marks that where left by the support structure, the soldier came out looking quite well and with a lot of details. After some sanding and painting I think this soldier will look nice next to the tank.

I put a 1 euro coin next to one the soldier for scale.

The white marks where left by the removed support structure.
A closer view of the entire figure.
Next to a 1 Euro coin for scale


My first print on the Form 2

This is bust was printed from a scan made by me with my Structure scanner on the iPad. After I made the scan I used Zbrush to  clean up the scan. The result is very decent and the lack of very fine detail in the face is due to limitations in the scanning device and software.